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Innovation is not just part of our work, it is our passion. At Reents Technologies GmbH, we transform innovative ideas into tangible reality.”


Reents Technologies GmbH

Dhe founding of Reents Technologies GmbH in 2023 is the result of five years of intensive individual entrepreneurship, during which the boundaries of 3D printing were continuously expanded. This period was characterized by CAD designs and advanced prototyping, which made it possible to optimize individual solutions for the B2B sector.

By transforming into a GmbH, we have consolidated our position as a provider of high-quality 3D printing services. From the first sketch to the finished prototype – Reents Technologies GmbH is your contact for customized 3D solutions that are characterized by outstanding quality and service.

3D printing & manufacturing

Customized 3D printing solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Whether to comply with special ISO standards or for the use of UL-94 certified materials – we offer you the necessary expertise and advice to implement every project in the best possible way. Our extensive range of standard and industrial materials meets the highest quality standards.

From chemical and UV resistance to impact resistance and flexibility – we understand the complex requirements of the industry. Our material portfolio includes PLA, PETG, TPU, RESIN, ABS, ASA and specialized composite materials such as PETG-CF, PA6-CF, PA10-CF and PA12-CF to meet the most demanding industry standards.

CAD and 3D design

Realize your creative visions through precise and fast conversion into digital 3D models – ideal for production and prototyping. Our CAD and 3D design experts combine creative solutions with technical accuracy to turn projects of any complexity into high-quality models. Both simple and sophisticated designs are realized using state-of-the-art software.

We specialize in efficiently and accurately transforming your initial concepts into practical designs. Whether for a prototype or the final product, we guarantee that every detail of your vision is taken into account. Together we bring your projects to life.

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