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Our spare parts production with 3D printing in Schenefeld near Hamburg effectively supports companies from industry and trade in the challenge of replacing spare parts that are difficult to obtain or no longer available. Regardless of delivery times or availability on the market, we offer a fast and precise solution.

From 3D design to finished spare part, we take care of the entire manufacturing process, including CAD modeling and prototyping, to ensure your equipment is up and running quickly. Tailor-made spare parts that meet your exact requirements and ensure the operation without long waiting times.

  • Local Manufacturing & Production: With our location in Schenefeld near Hamburg, we have short delivery times and manufacture directly locally

  • Fast availability: Minimize downtime with spare parts designed for fast manufacturing.

  • Customized Spare Part: Get spare parts that are made to your exact specifications for a perfect fit and function.

  • Cost effectiveness: Avoid costly downtime and reduce total cost of ownership

  • Flexible solutions: We offer individual manufacturing options, regardless of whether the original part is difficult to procure, no longer available or the delivery time is too long.

Fast and tailor-made

Tailor-made spare parts,
especially when every second counts

Advantages of spare parts production through 3D printing for industry and trade

Make it easier for yourself to procure hard-to-obtain spare parts with our specialized spare parts production. We offer a fast and flexible solution to your spare parts problem. Regardless of whether the spare part is no longer available on the market, has a long delivery time or simply does not meet the optimal requirements – we ensure that you receive the right solution in the shortest possible time.

Spare parts production independent of shape and requirement

Benefit from our ability to manufacture any spare part regardless of complexity or material requirements. Our 3D printing technology allows for maximum adaptability, increases operational efficiency, and minimizes compromises in repair or maintenance.

Various printed spare parts with different fits for tolerance test on the test bench

Low downtimes / machine quickly ready for use again

Minimize production downtimes with our fast spare parts production. Replacing a defective component quickly means less loss of productivity and higher machine availability.

Rapid production of individual spare parts

Reduce downtime with our ability to deliver spare parts within hours or days. This speed ensures continuous production and strengthens your competitiveness by minimizing downtime costs.

Clamping wheels and modules made of plastic and plastic as spare parts for machines in industry and trade

Use machines longer, even after discontinuation

Extend the useful life of your equipment and avoid interruptions. With our 3D printed spare parts and spare parts service , you get spare parts that are no longer available on the market.

Optimization for durability and/or performance

Extend the life and functionality of your equipment with optimized spare parts. Our service not only improves the performance of your machines, but also reduces maintenance and costs.

Let us develop your spare part!

Your path to an individual spare part with 3D printing

Existing CAD model / 3D model

If you already have a 3D model of your spare part, this will make the process much easier. Simply upload your STEP or STL file via our online 3D printing calculator to place your order instantly.

1. Get in touch

For a new spare parts production, please contact us directly. Use our contact form, send us an e-mail, or call us at 04056118777. We are ready to tackle your project.

2. Analysis and feasibility study

Each project is evaluated individually to determine feasibility and estimated costs for both CAD modeling and manufacturing. We will also advise you on the optimal choice of material for your specific spare part.

3. 3D Design and Modeling

Based on an original part (defective or still intact) or a completely new design (based on photographs or sketches), we develop a tailor-made CAD model of your spare part. This model allows the production of the spare part at any time and regardless of the quantity.

4. Prototyping and Validation

A prototype is manufactured to verify the functionality and accuracy of fit in real use. Based on the knowledge gained, we adapt the model to ensure an optimally functioning wear or spare part .

5. Manufacturing and delivery

After your approval of the prototype and the final 3D model, we start with the production. Whether one-off or series production,

Your spare part can now be reproduced as many times as you like, exactly when you need it.

Spare parts production with 3D

Insight into a spare parts project:

Modelling and production of a handle (spare part)

In one of our striking projects, we were faced with the challenge of replacing a handle for an industrial machine that was no longer available. The original manufacturer had stopped production, and our client was faced with the choice of either incurring high costs for new machines or working with defective equipment. We intervened by re-modelling the original part and creating an improved version of the handle using CAD design and 3D printing. This project illustrates how our tailor-made solutions help to save costs and ensure business continuity.

Who is 3D spare parts manufacturing and manufacturing aimed at?

The tailor-made 3D spare parts production of Reents Technologies GmbH is the optimal solution for customer groups that value precision, speed and cost efficiency. Here we identify the main target groups that particularly benefit from our services.

Industrial company with special requirements

Industrial companies that use specialized machinery and equipment often need spare parts for older or discontinued models. Our manufacturing enables the production of precise, tailor-made parts that not only ensure functionality but also extend the life of your machines.

Craft businesses with a need for a fast supply of spare parts

Craft businesses that depend on the trouble-free use of their tools need a reliable supply of spare parts. Our service provides quick solutions to urgent needs to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

Companies that focus on sustainability

For companies that prioritize sustainability and resource conservation , the ability to extend the life of their equipment with high-quality spare parts is an essential strategy. This not only reduces costs, but also promotes environmentally friendly operational management.

Customers looking for quick fixes

Thanks to our local production in Schenefeld near Hamburg, we offer short delivery times. Ideal for customers who do not want to be dependent on long waiting times for spare parts and value fast, efficient solutions.

Let us develop your spare part!

Frequently asked questions and answers about spare parts production

How much does it cost to have 3D design / CAD design of a spare part?2024-02-27T19:10:19+00:00

The cost of the design depends on the complexity of the spare part. Simple designs can be realized from as little as a few hundred euros, while more complex designs incur correspondingly higher costs.

Can 3D printed parts be further enhanced?2024-02-27T19:10:03+00:00

Yes, there are various methods to reinforce 3D printed parts, including using composite materials or post-processing to increase strength.

Are 3D printed parts waterproof?2024-02-27T19:09:46+00:00

The waterproofness depends on the material used and the printing technique. Some 3D printed parts can be waterproof or made waterproof through post-processing, but it’s important to specify this before manufacturing.

What happens if the manufactured part doesn’t fit or work?2024-02-27T19:09:14+00:00

We work closely with you, our customer, to ensure a high level of satisfaction. If a part does not fit, we will adjust the design accordingly and remanufacture the part.

Can the spare parts be modified according to my specific requirements?2024-02-27T19:08:41+00:00

Yes, we can customize the design to meet special requirements, whether to improve performance or increase longevity.

What materials can be used for the production of spare parts?2024-02-27T19:08:22+00:00

We offer a wide range of materials, including plastics such as PLA, ABS and PETG, as well as specialized composite materials (e.g. PACF, PETG-CF) for specific requirements or materials with specific approvals such as UL-94 etc.

How is the quality of the spare parts ensured?2024-02-27T19:06:50+00:00

Our spare parts go through strict quality controls to ensure they meet the requirements. We use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies.

Can spare parts be made for any type of machinery?2024-02-27T19:06:28+00:00

We can manufacture spare parts for a wide range of machines and applications, as long as the requirements are within the technical capabilities of our manufacturing machines. We can also produce material according to various specifications such as UL-94 or similar.

Can I order small quantities or individual pieces?2024-02-27T19:04:14+00:00

Yes, 3D printing is particularly suitable for the production of one-off pieces or small series without incurring high costs.

How exactly do the manufactured spare parts fit?2024-02-27T19:03:42+00:00

The spare parts we manufacture are very precise, as they are produced exactly according to the specifications of the CAD design. We make sure that the parts fit perfectly. On average, we achieve accuracies of around +- 0.2 mm in series production.

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