Fingerprint Access 4 | Innovative access system for industrial trucks

Fingerprint Biometrical Access Projekt von QOC Technologie GmbH - CAD Design und Prototypenbau bei Reents Technologies GmbH

Reents Technologies GmbH, a leading expert in 3D printing technology and CAD design, has realized a forward-looking project in close cooperation with QOC Technologie GmbH: the development of the biometric access system “Fingerprint Access 4” for industrial trucks.

Project Overview

The “Fingerprint Access 4” is a sophisticated system that revolutionizes driver identification and fleet management. It ensures that only authorized personnel operate the vehicles and provides comprehensive management of driver data and vehicle deployment times. Further information on the “Fingerprint Access 4” can be found here.


Reents Technologies GmbH was commissioned to design and manufacture a bespoke enclosure for this system. Using Fusion 360 as CAD software, we have designed an enclosure that stands out for its high functionality and aesthetics, meeting the high demands of the industrial environment.

Implementation and production

The prototypes were manufactured in our company in Schenefeld near Hamburg with specialized 3D printers and tested extensively. These agile manufacturing methods made it possible to respond quickly to adjustments and ensure the perfection of the design. Serial production is carried out using the Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) process, known for its durability and precision.

Project results

The end product is a robust housing that can be seamlessly integrated into industrial trucks and can withstand industrial requirements while increasing ease of use. The successful implementation of the enclosure marks a milestone in the application of biometric access systems in industrial vehicles.

Der fertige Prototyp des QOC Technologie Projektes umgesetzt mit Reents Technologies GmbH

Customer Feedback

Mr. Julian-Christoph Huss from QOC Technologie GmbH commented: “We were impressed by the professionalism and innovative strength of Reents Technologies GmbH. The result is a product that not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. We are thrilled with the aesthetics and functionality of the enclosure, which fits seamlessly into our fleet of forklifts.” Find out more about QOC Technologie GmbH here.

Pictures of the project

Below is a selection of images that visualize the development process and the finished product. Of course, we can’t show all the details here.


This case study underlines the technical expertise and customer orientation of Reents Technologies GmbH. By using advanced CAD software and state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques, it was possible to realize a product that sets new standards in terms of functionality and design quality.