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In a world where speed and adaptability are key to success, additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the way products are designed, manufactured, and delivered. Especially in Hamburg, a vibrant industrial and commercial center, this technology has a special significance. As a leading company in this field, Reents Technologies GmbH, an expert in SLA and FDM 3D printing on an industrial level, presents itself.

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing, often used interchangeably with 3D printing, is a process that uses digital design data to build objects layer by layer. This technology is fundamentally different from traditional, subtractive manufacturing methods.

SLA 3D Printing vs FDM and FFF 3D Printing Process at Reents Technologies GmbH

SLA vs. FDM 3D Printing

  • Stereolithography (SLA): SLA uses a UV laser to cure a light-sensitive resin in a layer-by-layer process. This allows for high precision and is ideal for complex geometries.
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): In FDM, a thermoplastic material is melted through a heated nozzle and built up layer by layer. It’s great for sturdy, durable parts and prototypes.

Advantages of Local Additive Manufacturing

The main advantage of local additive manufacturing is speed and efficiency. Due to the proximity to Hamburg and the short transport routes, Reents Technologies GmbH can guarantee fast delivery. This is especially beneficial for companies that require agile production methodologies and rapid iterations.

Reents Technologies GmbH: Your Partner for Additive Manufacturing

Reents Technologies GmbH is not just about high-quality 3D printing. We understand the importance of speed and flexibility in today’s economy. Our proximity to Hamburg allows us to offer unique services such as “Next-Day-Delivery”. Our customers benefit from short distances and optimal cooperation, which enables us to react quickly to individual requirements.

Speed through locality

Thanks to our location in Schenefeld, right on the border with Hamburg, we are able to deliver products quickly or even deliver them to the customer in person. Our wide range of materials in stock supports efficient and speedy manufacturing.

CAD Design Service

In addition to printing, we also offer a CAD design service. We develop designs, enclosures, projects, and tooling and tools optimized for manufacturing. This holistic approach allows us to accompany projects from conception to completion.

Success Story: Adaptation to Customer-Specific Needs

An illustrative example of our work is the collaboration with a customer from the shipping industry. The need to supply custom enclosures for the ship bridge presents a challenge that cannot be efficiently solved using traditional methods such as injection molding. Additive manufacturing has allowed us to develop and produce specific, customer-specific housings that are perfectly matched to the respective vessels. This flexibility and adaptability, which we have been continuously providing for over a year, shows how we deliver tailor-made solutions by working closely together and understanding the specific needs of our customers.

Reents Technologies manufactures additively for the marine and marine industries

The Future of Additive Manufacturing at Reents Technologies GmbH

The future of additive manufacturing is promising, and Reents Technologies GmbH is at the forefront of this development. Our focus is on service, professionalism and proximity to our customers. We strive for close project contact and short distances in communication and delivery. This proximity allows us to respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers and offer innovative solutions.

Close contact and quick response

In an ever-evolving world, the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to new challenges is invaluable. Reents Technologies GmbH is committed to meeting this need through close customer relationships and communication based on openness.


Reents Technologies GmbH is not only a provider of additive manufacturing. We are a partner that works closely with customers to provide tailor-made, innovative solutions. Our proximity to Hamburg, coupled with our focus on speed, adaptability and customer service, makes us the ideal partner for your next project.

Feel free to start your next project with us!

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